Thursday, October 17, 2013

Money Matters Thursday

It's Thursday! Yay! I would like to start a new segment today on ways to save money. Did you realize that Christmas is only 10 weeks away? Seriously?! I've barely had time to take in my Texas fall weather. This time of year I know a lot of people try to cut back so that they can save up to pay for those awesome Christmas/Hanukkah/ whatever reason you're purchasing gifts. I happen to also have 3 little nephews birthdays in the next two months and whatever else decides to show up on my calendar that I've forgotten about…joy.

I think this post collection will also help me think of more creative ways to save a dime and hopefully help you!

Addicted to Coffee

I am blessed with the luxury of working from home 80% of the time. While I have a morning "schedule", it certainly isn't a typical one. The first thing I do when I get up is turn on my Keurig and wish that it would warm up faster. In the mean time I put away dishes that dried overnight and as soon as I hear the Keurig's warm up wind down I head over and get the show rolling.

I could make it as simple as popping a pod in and hitting brew but a little over a month ago I had a small epiphany. While I am fully aware that buying a box of pods at the grocery store is still cheaper than getting a cup of coffee at coffee shop, I can still do better. With 2 coffee drinkers in the house, averaging 1 cup of coffee a day, equals roughly 60 coffee pods a month. That’s  a lot. Yes, I use to use coupons and at the very minimum I would pay $30 month. If I literally spend only $30 a month on coffee that $390 annually. I'm sure some of you at this point think I'm nuts but look, if I can spend half of that on a yearly basis that’s almost $200 back in my pocket. I have dreams of traveling the world!

The first month was pretty much a wash as I went out and bought another reusable filter so I had 2 and some coffee grinds. At the time I didn't realize that places like TJ MAXX and Marshalls had packages of 2 for around $5. I bought 2 for a reason because I have a tendency to leave the pod in the keurig and this way I have one for the next day. It's one extra step but over time I know it will be well worth it! Not to mention it's also "greener" since we aren't throwing these away any more. By the time the holidays roll around I'll have a little extra cash to spend on gifts.

Disclaimer: I am in no way being paid to write or review about Keurig or Keurig products. This post is solely my opinion on products I purchased.

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