About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. This is my personal online database of recipes and crafts I'm crazy enough to attempt but should you find something you like as well I'm happy to help inspire. So, grab your coffee, a comfy chair and spend some time looking around my ever so evolving website.

Who am I?

I'm a twenty something year old from Dallas who now lives in the burbs with my wonderful husband whom I adore and fall more in love with every day. My husband and I met in college and have now been happily married for over a year. We have a yellow lab mix that we adopted close to 5 years ago. He has literally stolen our hearts and makes us weak in the knees in love with him. He's not spoiled or anything… neither is my husband! Ha! Oh the things I do for the men I love!  

While going out to dinner is nice, we prefer to stay home and cook a yummy dinner together while we watch a new movie from redbox. AKA, we're a little cheap but it's all part of a greater goal. I could eat Mexican food 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, and 12 months of the year. My husband is a picky eater which always creates an interesting challenge when cooking something new. However, the challenge has been accepted and so far successful!

Two weeks before our wedding we moved into our first home which will also be the place we start our family when the time is right. I have "expensive" taste, or as my mom says "good" taste, when it comes to home furnishing, thus why I prefer DIY projects. As a couple we enjoy creating an expensive look we've seen for a fraction of the retail price. While I've done a lot of neat things already that I unfortunately didn't document, they will at some point make their debut on this lovely website.

I'm an avid runner who loves learning about everything health and fitness. However, I refuse to ever diet or restrict myself from one of the wonderful joys of life, Food! At some point I hope to add a page to share all the fun things I read and find helpful in creating a happy and healthy lifestyle.
I have a couple of mottos that I live by daily that maybe I will one day explain but for now here they are: "When you want to ask a question, remember that the worst thing they can say is no, so how will you know if you don't ask" and "you only live once; so screw it and have some cake".

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