Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas is Almost Here!

Hi All!

Yes, it has been a while since I've posted and for some very legitimate reasons. First, my husband and I have been doing a bit of traveling. Secondly, I've been training for a half marathon which I was suppose to run a couple weekends ago but because of an awesome ice storm here in Texas it was cancelled... so I'm still training. Thirdly, family. While I see my families often through out the year, during the holiday season we get extra close and enjoy things like breakfast with Santa and touring the DeGoyer house at the Arboretum and so on... Fourthly, shopping!!! I was on a mission this year and I nearly succeeded! The goal: to have all of Christmas shopping done by December 1st. Everyone gets so wrapped up now a days shopping during December instead of really enjoying. Well this year I have really enjoyed December! Lastly, a very very good friend of mine who has had an "awesome" pregnancy, sense the sarcasm, delivered her beloved little boy late last week as an early Christmas present. I told her he really wanted to see Santa!  That's a wrap up of my life from the past month and now Id love to share so fun things I've done around the house this Christmas season.