Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It just needed a facelift....

A few months ago I was over at my mother-in-laws house shuffling through some stuff with her in the garage. She has a lot of stuff and at the time she had more stuff in her garage because my sister-in-law, her husband and 3 babies were living with her while their house was being built. It's always fun going over there to see what's new and what creative project she's currently working on. While we finished up searching for whatever we were searching for in the garage that day she pointed to 2 lamps she had sitting on the golf cart and asked it I wanted them. I knew exactly where they would go but knew they were not going there in the condition they were in, not that they were bad just not my style. Spray paint has become my friend! With a little love and creativity I re-vamped these beauties to work perfectly in my decoration deprived bedroom.

I did a lot of searching on how to re-do lampshades like the one that came with the lamp. After not finding any examples I started searching to just purchase new shades but these are apparently a special size that none sells for cheap. Thus, I decided to brave the storm and see where it took. See below for my no sew lampshade re-do!

What you'll need:
Adhesive Spray
Cuticle Pusher or Small Screw Driver
Chip Clips, Bob pins or Something to Hold in Place

1. Take your lamp shade and rip off any embellishment's from it.

2. For this lamp shade, tape is holding shape form together. Remove tap and separate shape forms.
3. Carefully un-do the seam of the shade, it should just be glued. Remove fabric from form.
4. Lay out your new fabric for the shade and place the form on the back side of the fabric. With a pencil trace the shape of the form.
5. It should look something like this when you pull the form up.
6. Cut our pattern. When cutting you will want to cut a quarter inch or a little less above the pattern line. The extra edge will be folded under in a later step.
7. Starch and iron fabric. Remove all creases so it will be smooth when placed on the form.
8. Spray form and fabric, pencil marks up, with adhesive. Wait a minute or 2 for the surfaces to become sticky.
9. Put the sticky side of the form on top of the sticky side of the fabric between the pattern lines. Smooth fabric if needed.
10. Spray the left and right edges with adhesive and fold fabric over the left and right edges.
11. Spray the bottom ring form with adhesive and the top and bottom of the fabric form.
12. Using chip clips, bobby pins or whatever you have, slowly roll the fabric form onto the metal form using the clips to help keep the two together.
13. It should look something like this when finished.
14. Spray the top metal form with adhesive.
15. Place into the fabric form carefully, once again using your clips to keep in place.
16. Remove clips from the bottom metal form and spray the interior of the fabric form one more time.
17. Fold fabric over the metal form.
18. Using a cuticle pusher, or screw driver. Carefully push fabric down so that it goes under or against the metal form.
19. Repeat steps 16-18 on the top.
20. TaDa!
Because I already had most of the materials and only needed the fabric, this project cost me a grand total of $4 and 1 hour work time!



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